Your New Gym

I’m going to save you some time. You should only read this if:

  • You had a gym membership prior to lockdown, but You have safety concerns about returning to your gym
  • You didn’t have a gym membership prior to lockdown, but the pandemic made you realize you need to prioritize your health and fitness
In either situation, you’re probably looking for a gym, but might not know where to start. I’m here to help. 

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you that our gym is the best and you should join us today. our gym is not for everyone, but it is for anyone. 

with what seems to be a gym on every corner, I like to separate gyms into 3 categories:

1. “Globo Gyms”
Think Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, YMCA or similar. These gyms have low ($10-40/month) “access” fees. These are typically the largest facilities with endless rows of treadmills and ellipticals and loads of free weights. Some of these gyms may include large group classes of 30+ members. members pay to use their space and equipment, but relatively little help is offered from staff.

If you know what you’re doing, can easily motivate yourself, and have a history of achieving your goals without help from anyone else, this might be a good fit for you. 

IF you have a globo gym membership but rarely attend or haven’t moved closer to your goals, another option might be better fit. When I talk to members of these gyms, I often find that they’ve become gym donors – they pay their monthly fee, but rarely visit.

2. “Boot Camps”
Think Orange Theory, Burn Boot Camp, cycle bar, or similar. These gyms have a higher price point than Globo Gyms ($99-199/month). These facilities are specialized large group classes of 30+ members. the environment often filled with loud music, fancy lighting, and energetic instructors, the best of whom are great motivators.

IF you enjoy a high energy, structured workout with a large group, this might be a good fit for you.

IF you need more coaching than cheerleading, or a unique program to meet your specific needs, another option might be a better fit. When I talk to members of these gyms, i often find that they’ve built cardiovascular endurance, but not strength.

3. “coaching services”

think boutique gyms with a mix of small group classes, personal training, and/or nutrition coaching. these facilities specialize in providing Personalized coaching through custom fitness and nutrition plans. small group of 6-12 members are coached through each class to ensure injury prevention, correct form, efficient movement, and consistent effort. Individualized attention means these gyms have a higher price point ($150-300+/month).

IF you need someone you can trust to show you what to do, motivate you, and guide you toward your goals, this might be the best option for you.

if you’re not ready to make a serious investment in your health and fitness, this option might not be the best fit.

Keep in mind that none of these options work if you’re not willing to put forth significant effort – there are no shortcuts to your goals



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